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April 2017 saw a Revaluation of all commercial premises in the UK for the first time since 2010.

For many London based BBG clients the revaluation has resulted in a significant and unwelcome increase in their rates liability (in many cases around 25% tempered in a limited number of instances by phasing of the increases (though mainly for small companies)).

Furthermore the Government has introduced more convoluted and limited grounds for appealing assessments, certainly when compared with previous revaluations.

The new provisions make it even more essential that occupiers avoid “blanket” appealing (which can result in an increase in liability!) and we advise great caution over the claims of “no win, no fee” advisers.

BBG Consultant and leading rate expert Rob Purkiss BSc FRICS is one of London’s most experienced advisers. Rob has an oustanding track record of success saving rates for our clients by winning judicious appeals. His recent activities include advice to BBG clients such as Sportingbet, Oval Insurance, Littleton Chambers, Manulife and Gillespies.

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