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The benefits of a flexible office post Covid-19 – Helping mitigate risk to your staff and maintain business continuity.

1) More space.

A serviced or flexible office can give an established business a second premise to free up space in the head office and to allow for better social distancing in practice.
Thereby mitigating risk of transmission.

2) Place your eggs in more than one basket – to help maintain business continuity.

Some of our clients are using flexible office spaces to accommodate some or even half the talent from each of their teams. This means if either office building goes into lockdown with employees having to self isolate at home due to a case of Covid-19, the company is still likely to have a healthy and functioning team at work, in a second or third London location.

3) Shorter commutes.

As part of a combination of measures like allocating more space per person, shift work and alternating teams, eggs in more baskets , this is further way to mitigate risk It may not be unusual for some of your staff to travel in to the same mainline stations like Liverpool Street, Kings Cross and Waterloo, but then would typically have to change to the tube to continue their commute. It’s understandable they may be reluctant to change to the tube or buses for the last mile of their commute. Taking an additional office or offices a short walk from mainline stations may help mitigate the risk of transmission from travelling on public transport and further re-enforce to your staff that their safety concerns are being considered and listened too.

4) Flexible length of term in line with Covid-19 business practice – so you don’t over commit. We don’t know how long temporary measures will need to last for, but we can secure you
flexible terms with serviced office operators that reflect and meet your needs so you don’t over commit to anything and have security to say for as long as you need.

For more of the latest advice on returning to work post lockdown for Covid-19, get in touch. with one of our team.