The NHS: Working Smart, Agile, Happy


The Storey, where an NHS Trust embraced flexible working, with Storey – part of British Land.

Our client, Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (Quite the mouthful, let’s call them HUH) had a challenge that was complex and yet simple.

Complex because:
• They had hundreds of administrative staff scattered across lots of different buildings,
• Typically these buildings were older buildings, often once residential and no longer ideal for modern-day office work.
• Leaders, management and employees all knew they could be happier and more productive in better office surroundings.
• Their admin teams were working on hospital sites that could be much better utilised as clinical space.
• They suspected they were paying significantly more for the office space than market rates but couldn’t prove it.
• Maintenance on ageing buildings was becoming an increasing cost and burden on resources.

Simple because:

Working with BBG we were able to create a single solution that enabled them to accommodate flexible working for 550 of their admin staff in one beautiful building, in a cost-effective way.

The solution? 6 Orsman Road, Haggerston, London.

HUH secured a lease for 3.25 floors (Circa 16,000 sq ft) at British Land’s 6 Orsman Road building. Part of their Storey offering.

The Result:

HUH had One office comprised of 350 desks, enabling 550 people to work flexibly from the space. With modern furnishing, lots of meeting rooms, breakout spaces and phone booths for collaborative and private working.
The building itself offered ‘free’ use of additional shared space outside their floors and demise, for use as breakout, meeting rooms, a large roof terrace, and even a café.

This office workplace was a massive improvement in working environment for staff. Enabling them to work, interact and collaborate more easily in a comfortable, purpose-built environment.

With a responsibility to spend the public purse frugally, HUH were also able to make significant savings on their costs relative to previous office stock.


What we did to help them achieve this:

The Consultation
Worked to understand their problems and identify their needs and opportunities.
Worked with them to create a process/strategy for acquiring one or two offices that would suit their objectives and be deliverable within the framework of NHS protocols.

The Search
Searched and collated options within their geographical boundaries at their preferred size ranges.
Attending viewings and narrowed options down.

Advising throughout the process on
Budgeting for all costs, securing lease terms in their interest, and the logistics of the process ahead. This included support on selecting and furniture procurement company Globe Office.

Entered into negotiations on their preferred options, eventually settling on one. Securing great terms and protecting their interest in both the Heads of Terms and working closely with their solicitor through to completion to help shepherd the agreement through.

All in all, the whole process – from search commencement to completion took about 9 months. BBG are very proud to have HUH as happy and valued clients and thankful for the great work carried out by Storey, British Land.

If you’re facing a complex office strategy problem you need simplified and managed with you, or for you – to the highest of standards, please get in touch with me: Nick Jones of BBG Real Estate.
With special thanks to Hannah Alden of British Land and Dave Gardner of Globe Office Solutions.

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