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Bloomberg Offices in London

We are all too familiar with the negative effects the Covid-19 Pandemic continues to have on our way of life.

However, one positive symptom of the virus is a dramatic reduction in global emissions. According to a report by Defra, daytime CO2 emissions in central London had fallen by 55% in June this year.

The building and construction sector accounts for nearly 40% of global carbon emissions and, while green innovation is currently driven by necessity, it is imperative that this focus on sustainable development and management of real estate is maintained beyond the era of Covid-19.

Bloomberg’s London HQ is a landmark to sustainable development in tandem with corporate glamour. Designed in 2017 by Foster + Partners, Bloomberg London is among the most sustainable office buildings in the world, achieving a BREEAM score of 98.5%.

The ceiling panels contain 2.5 million polished aluminium “petals” that save energy through improving efficiency of heating, cooling and lighting functions. The building is designed to maintain a natural ventilation flow through sensors and a six-storey ramp. Alongside this, a water treatment plant is contained on-site allowing the building to be 70% more water efficient. Lastly, the atrium space contains a “living wall”, a concept we have seen implemented by various developers and providers as the impact of nature in the workplace on employee mental and physical wellbeing becomes more apparent.

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Bloomberg Offices in London

Bloomberg Offices in London

Bloomberg Offices in London

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