Why go back to the office?


We’re asking all business owners … Are you finding cracks appearing from WFH?

Back in early June, under lockdown conditions, we conducted a series of webinars looking at how companies would return to the office. Our Return to the office webinars can be found in full here: Part 1 & Part 2.

We identified 4 key reasons why a business might want and indeed need its staff to return to the office. In short, the office is a place for:

  1. Meaningful social and creative interactions
  2. Easier monitoring and improving staff productivity and training
  3. Fostering and brand, culture and talent
  4. Corporate momentum.

BBG Partner Tom Boggis elaborates on the four reasons for returning in the office in a short, 5 minute video below.

Thanks for watching.

Questions for you:

  • Are cracks appearing in the work from home model for your business?
  • From your experience, with the widespread use of video conferencing have some of the problems with WFH been addressed?

Please share your views with us by the comments section or get in touch.

This article was written by Nick Jones.

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